• Foster holistic development
  • Better decision making
  • Be socially responsible
  • Learn teamwork
  • Refine skillsets
  • Higher engagement
  • Boost creativity and innovation
  • Diversity and Versatility

Bachelor of Science in Sports Management
( Syllabus as per Mumbai University )

360 degree Development at Atharva

Communication skills

Learn how to communicate effectively. The world today is a global village and English is widely spoken. Spruce up your English language skills, be a better communicator and sport that winning attitude to be a step ahead of the rest.

Personality Development

While sports does help one exhibit leadership qualities and a winning attitude, soft skill training helps you gain that extra edge when dealing with people with varying personality traits. Attend Personality Development sessions on Motivation, Negotiation, Optimism, Self-confidence, Team work and a lot more and reap success.

Ten Reasons to Choose Atharva

  • 1. Highly qualified and experienced faculty
  • 2. Holistic development
  • 3. Collaboration with reputed sports organisations/academies for practical training
  • 4. Placement Assistance Opportunities
  • 5. Managerial Grooming & Training sessions
  • 6. English Language Lab
  • 7. Social Initiatives
  • 8. World class amenities
  • 9. Skill enhancement sessions
  • 10. Quality internships


Atharva offers Internships with some of the leading organisations in the industry that enable the student to become a professional, enabling the student to gain deep insights into what exactly happens on field,- the practical aspects and the theoretical as well. From planning, managing, co-ordinating, scheduling to learning about marketing, logistics and a lot more –gear up for quality Internship programs.
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