Dr. Preety Jain


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A Ph.D. in Computer Science, Dr. Jain holds around two decades of experience in the education industry and has spearheaded several initiatives with focus on enhancing learning and development. After completing her Master's in Computer Applications (MCA), Dr. Jain developed a passion for holistic development, which inspired her to pursue a Ph.D. This indicates her commitment to a comprehensive approach to education that considers all aspects of a student's growth. Dr. Jain has worked as a Co-ordinator for various courses. Overall, Dr. Jain's extensive experience, educational background, and active involvement in various educational initiatives demonstrate her dedication to fostering a holistic approach to education and her commitment to enhancing learning and development in the field of computer science.
She emphasized on aligning courses with the changing needs of industry and increase employability skills. She played a vital role in designing new student-centric courses and introducing student centric policies with emphasis on a multi-disciplinary approach and equip students with technical and Professional skills. She has participated and organized various Seminars, Workshops and Conferences at National and International Level. Dr. Jain has published many research papers and also been awarded with best paper presenter award and apart from this honored with several awards during her growing career in the field of education.
A multi-tasker and a fine leader, Dr. Jain’s proactive approach to devising effective learning strategies using emerging technologies and belief in an inclusive pedagogy has enabled higher engagement levels and nurture various perspectives stimulating a healthy environment in the classroom.

As the principal, I consider it to be a great honour to have been entrusted a huge responsibility of leading Atharva College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (ACHMCT) to the pinnacle of success. Education not only shapes the intellect and broadens horizons but also prepares one to deal with the outside world. The education landscape is constantly changing. New age technology has made learning more interactive. In an increasingly competitive world, ACHMCT has always been at the forefront in encouraging a culture of creativity and innovation to enable students to be globally competent.

It has always been my endeavour to encourage an interdisciplinary approach to learning with emphasis on acquiring the right skills be it in hospitality, media, technology or sports. From learning to delight customers in hospitality to excelling in the media industry, from gaining expertise in data science and technology to setting benchmarks in sports, our students have been at the forefront in understanding the interconnectedness and being adaptive - the key to success.

Our focus on experiential learning, collaboration, empowers students to tap into their hidden potential, think critically, pursue their passion wholeheartedly. Add to it the world class infrastructure we offer, a supportive learning environment, guidance from industry and we’re confident about our students being all set to take on the world of tomorrow.

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